Web Analytics Webinars a Huge Hit

As part of our continuing partnership with the Integrated Media Association (iMA), we held two webinars this month to provide info specific to public media on utilizing web analytics to drive decisionmaking. Response was huge: we had great turnout, and lively discussions. We’ve got both webinars posted in the Archived Events section of our site – if you couldn’t attend live, check them out!

The first featured Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified, who did a great overview of what it takes for an organization to get started using web analytics for business decisions. Peterson pointed out that an investment of time and talent (not just the technology, which can cost nothing) is essential to in order to get the most out of this valuable data. Get the full story here.

The enthusiasm was strong for the second webinar, which featured Sondra Russell from NPR and Amy Sample from PBS to share their experiences utilizing web analytics for goal setting and audience engagement. They served up succinct, practical tips and great advice for people getting started. We were thrilled to have Wendy Greco from the Analysis Exchange join us as well, to share how her organization can be utilized by public media to gain web analytics insights – for free! Amy Sample reported on Twitter today that three public media projects have already been created in the Exchange in the 24 hours following the webinar. Want all the details? Check out the archived webinar.

More info coming soon on our next webinar collaboration with iMA!

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